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                Hawaii Luxury Home Hawaii Luxury Home - Kitchen Hawaii Luxury Home - Kitchen Home Construction Hawaii Luxury Home Construction
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                This project is unusual on a number of levels. It is the third project we have designed for the same client. Therefore over our 15 year history we have established a very high level of trust and understanding with our client's needs. When our client purchased property in Hawaii they asked our firm to help them find an architect, preferably one based in the area in which they live. After an extensive search with no success, our client asked us if we would be interested in being the designer of the residence as well as the interior designer and lighting designer.

                We were asked to collaborate with a local architect who would work with us to provide the architectural drawings and construction supervision required to bring the project to completion. We said yes and began that process. It was through our effort that the house took the form in which it has manifested; an 8000 square foot residence which is separated into a series of small pavilions that progress across the two acre site, creating a much smaller impact on the land and much more exposure from all the rooms to the oceanfront view before it.

                The length of the site parallels the ocean to the West, giving an unusual opportunity for every room to have magnificent views. I took our client around the island and pointed out many lovely small-scale, Japanese influenced designs that seemed to us much more appropriate to island living than the plethora of McMansions to be found springing up like fungus everywhere we looked.

                We assisted in finding a landscape architect sensitive to the concept that we had  arrived at and proceeded to develop the location of the various buildings on the site.  We determined the  building material palette which included standing-seam brown-patinated copper roofs, light colored cleft slate from China so as not to absorb heat and Italian Plaster walls in a warm earth tone, which is often found in Japanese architecture.

                As this house is in a temperate climate, a solution in which natural air-conditioning with proper airflow through the buildings was of extreme importance.  To achieve this, the buildings were designed with large sliding glass  doors which disappeared into the walls.  The slate floors run throughout the house, across a recessed threshold and also forms the patio and pool surround in a seamless flow of material.

                The interior materials are the same as the exterior materials, with the addition of cedar wood ceilings, which continue to reflect the overall continuity of the influence of Japanese design. The cabinetry throughout the house was custom designed by our office and executed in matched flitch cherry veneer  with a protective laminated coating so as to provide carefree maintenance.

                Our clients requested a casual, informal environment in which to live. We've responded by creating a series of  pavilions, giving the prime place to the "great house" which contains the living room, kitchen and dining area. The guest houses are located at the South end of the property, giving a sense of privacy for both the owners and their guests. The master suite is on the other side of a small ravine which, during torrential rains, carries a large volume of water across the site and into drainage to the west of the property. This location allows for ocean views from the master bedroom and bath which is separated from the office pavilion (also with ocean views)  by a lap pool.

                We were also the residential  lighting design consultants for this project. Wherever possible throughout the house  we have provided energy-saving fluorescent cove lighting and recessed adjustable halogen down-lights, all of which are controlled by a "smart house" control system.

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